Code for Australia is a non-profit organisation helping government find new ways to address old problems. We believe the problems that we face today are only going to be able to be solved when there is a greater number and diversity of people having an input to how we address community needs. Find out more at


Formed in 2002 to unite web industry professionals across Australia, the Australian Web Industry Association (AWIA) is one of the largest dedicated web industry associations of its kind in Australia. AWIA's purpose is to represent all ethical and professional people in the industry and to build trust and understanding of the Australian web industry. We keep members up to date with news, events, resources and best practice, and organise regular meet-ups. We are also responsible for the prestigious Australian Web Awards (AWA’s) which showcase and recognize the outstanding work of web designers and developers every year.

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Women Who Code (WWC) is an international nonprofit dedicated to inspiring women to excel in technology careers. WWC is building a world where women are proportionally representative as technical leaders, executives, founders, VCs, board members and software engineers. The organization has executed more than 4,200 free events around the world, garnered a membership exceeding 80,000, and has a presence in 20 countries.

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Refraction Media is a media company with a vision to inspire a smarter future. We believe STEM underpins future careers, a smart economy and a better world. Working with partners who share our vision, we raise awareness of STEM through digital media, career guides, teacher resources and other content that connects science, education and industry. Some of our regular titles include the Careers with STEM series, Postgrad Futures and KnowHow magazine. The Careers with STEM magazines are distributed for free to every Australian secondary school, and are free to read online at